Do You Suffer From Headaches?

headacheA dear friend of mine, set in his ways, has been suffering with headaches on and off  for the last 40 odd years.  The only thing he is doing about it is taking tablets to ease the pain then waits till the pain subsides,  which sometimes takes days…

There are many reasons why people suffer from headaches.

It can be stress related, low or high blood pressure, muscular tension, constipation,  blocked arteries etc….

I tried to convince him that having monthly massages could reduce the number of headaches per year or even the severity and length of them.  But – alas, he’s set in his ways . . .

Pain is there to tell you  “ Hello” there is a problem – go and get it checked out.  If there are no obvious causes found – a massage and acupuncture treatment will definitely help .

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